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Welcome to the Indian Montessori Association! We started off to propagate the ideals and principles of Montessori across different stages of development, from infancy to primary in 1996 in India. We began as a a group of Montessorians who wanted to share work experiences, support each other through the phases of life, trying to learn about new things through each other, rather than independent learning or research. With time, we learnt a lot and have changed our functioning to better promote the benefits of Montessori education  in India. Many of us have educated our own children the Montessori way, and have seen its benefits.

As a growing association, we continue to make this site more functional, while making it more intuitive. So keep an eye out for changes!

If you are interested in training to become a Montessori Adult, we suggest you look at the website of the IIMS or the Indian Institute for Montessori Studies. They are based in Bangalore, and have completed about 20 batches of training so far.

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